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Flying Ball on TikTok: What in the (Space) World?

Key Points

  • Multiple users have posted videos of a flying ball on TikTok.

  • This flying ball was seen across the United States, including Las Vegas, Baltimore, Washington D.C, Clarksville, and Florida.

  • Sometimes the flying ball on TikTok would sit still and spin, while other times it would be speeding through the sky.

  • Russia shot down a spherical UFO days before the first UFO sighting.

Is this a new age? Project Blue Beam? Or just another day for terrestrial life? As if life after Covid wasn’t confusing enough, a flying sphere on TikTok has emerged and users everywhere are looking for answers.

This flying ball on TikTok has been on timelines, compilations, and is dominating hashtags. It’s actually not the first sighting of a flying sphere; and this one was seen by the Navy.

Navy Sees Spherical Object

In May 2021, the Navy spotted a spherical object flying back and forth over the ocean before splashing down into the water. It was smaller in size. The diameter was about two meters. The Pentagon confirmed the authenticity of the footage when it was made available to the public.

The object made the news because it appeared to be a new form of transportation, since it was able to travel through air and water. After the sighting, the United States sent a submarine for further inspection, but nothing was found.

The concept of a flying submarine was introduced in the 1900’s, but inability to control air and fuel supply prevented the science from breaking through.

Flying Ball on TikTok

TikTok users around the U.S. have posted videos of a large, silver sphere flying through the sky. This UFO on TikTok is taking the country by surprise.

The latest sighting on January 21st showed a number of military plans chasing the flying ball through the night sky in Clarksville, TN. The next day there were helicopters seen circling the sky about 40 miles south of Clarksville.

No one seems to know what it is or where it came from. Commenters argue “it’s a weather balloon” while others stand firm that it’s a drone. Regardless, it’s interesting that Russia experienced something similar just a few days ago.

Russia Shoots Down UFO

A large, golden ball is seen flying through the air at a high rate of speed. The UAO (unidentified aerial object) was shot down when Russia issued a “medium response level” and told citizens not to panic. Some citizens believe it was a drone from Ukraine.

Flying Drone on TikTok

There is a study completed on the use of a large, silver, spherical drone safe for indoor use. The drone is similar in size and shape to what was seen on the video. It doesn’t seem that this drone is able to travel as fast as the one seen in the videos.

Pheh, Y., Win, S. & Foong, S. (2022). Spherical indoor Coanda effect drone (SpICED): A spherical blimp sUAS for safe indoor use. Engineer Product Development Pillar. Drones, 6(9).

Your Evidence

A lot has changed since the pandemic. Businesses are operating differently (and apparently so are aliens.) Do you have evidence or more links to add to the post? Comment below and subscribe to Life After Covid for more cool tips and information!

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